Xiaomi announced the Yi Action Camera back in 2015 and it was quite popular among customers due to its compact size, powerful specs and cheap pricing. Now, the company is all set to release the new Xiaomi Yi 4K Action Camera 2, most likely next week and we have lots more details about the upcoming device.

So, what all upgrades can we expect on the new generation Yi Action Camera 2?

According to a leaked set of pictures online, the new action cam will come with a 12.35MP Sony IMX377 camera sensor. To recap, the previous generation model came with a larger Sony IMX 206 Exmor sensor. Now, you may be disappointed to see that the resolution has been reduced, however, let me remind you that the IMX377 CMOS sensor is pretty fast and supports 4K video shooting. The chip has been upgraded to Ambarella A9, which is known for its high performance and low power consumption. The chip is low power consuming even when recording at 4K 30 fps.

The Yi Action Camera 2 will come with a 2.19-inch display with Gorilla Glass protection. Further, it will have 160-degree viewing angle and 640 x 360 pixel resolution with 330 ppi density. Even the battery on the device has been upgraded to 1400mAh (the previous one had 1010mAh) which means better battery life. It is said that the battery should last for around 8 hours on a single charge. If you want to take 4K videos at 30 fps it would still last for a good 110 minutes.

While we are unsure about rest of the features of the Yi 4K Action Camera 2, it should come with connectivity features such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and various ports like MicroUSB or MicroHDMI. We still don’t know for sure whether there would be a MicroSD card slot on board, but it most likely should. We recently got out hands on the test data of the new action camera and it confirms the presence of the MicroSD card slot along with Wi-Fi support.

As for the colors available, from the pictures, we know for sure that there will be a white and a black version. But expect more colors at launch. No info on the pricing yet, but we have got lots more details coming on the Yi 4K Action Camera 2, so stay tuned.