It turns out everyone misread Lei Jun’s teaser from yesterday – April 11 (today) is when Xiaomi will announce when the company will announce its new flagship, the Xiaomi Mi 6, not when the phone will be unveiled. And that unveiling is set for April 19, next Wednesday.

The company says the Mi 6 is the result of 7 years of experience, but the rumor mill offers more concrete specs. For one, pricing will start at CNY 2,200 ($320) for the base Mi 6, while the larger Xiaomi Mi 6 Plus starts at CNY 2,700 ($390).

Those will have 5.1” and 5.7” screens respectively with 1080p resolution. MIUI-coated Android 7.1 will run on a fast Snapdragon 835 chipset and 4GB to 6GB of RAM. Also expect dual 12MP main cameras and an 8MP selfie cam.

We’ll probably see a couple of more leaks between now and next Wednesday, but there’s little left that we don’t know about the Xiaomi Mi 6. Perhaps the big surprise will be when the flagship goes on sale – supplies of Snapdragon 835 chips are tight at the moment, so we may be in for a wait.