Xiaomi Mi 6 is yet to be released, but rumors about it have been surfacing all over the internet. Everybody is speculating that Xiaomi, a Beijing-based mobile phone manufacturer that was established in 2010, is to release its newest model of Mi version early next year. Being from the fastest growing Android smartphone manufacturer, it is expected that Xiaomi Mi6 will be off the hook regarding its premium features. Xiaomi was only limited in the Asian market, but the 3rd leading smartphone brand worldwide will soon feature in the other global markets.

Xiaomi Mi6 is being rumored to be the first smartphone from the manufacturer to debut in US, Canada and other countries that have been waiting for a smartphone with premium features and one that is budget friendly. The Mi6 is rumored to be getting massive upgrades, and also Xiaomi intends to maintain the consumer-friendly prices as it has always done. Priced at almost half the price of most of its competitors such as LG, Apple, Samsung, and HTC, Xiaomi Mi6, it will definitely be a force to reckon.

Xiaomi Mi 6 specs and features

As pointed earlier, Xiaomi had restricted itself to the Asian market, and Mi6 will be its first representative on a global scale. Xiaomi Mi6 is being eagerly waited for courtesy of the following specifications and features.


xiaomi-mi-6-02The Mi6 is said to have a slight size enhancement as compared to Mi5 that has 5.0”. Mi6 will have a bigger screen with couple extra inches. Xiaomi is looking to bolster the screen display quality by fitting it with 4K and unimaginable 4096 x 2160 resolutions. If these rumors hold true, then Mi6 may have a screen with a PPI of close to 700. The quality of display will be out of this world and should be unparalleled so far.


As usual Mi6 will have Qualcomm Snapdragon having an Octa-core processor, but it will have a higher processing speed. The Mi5 had a processor of 2.3 GHZ, and the Mi6 is expected to have to clock a processor of between 2.5 – 2.7 GHZ.

Memory and Additional Memory

This is one of the features that most smartphones manufacturers are trying to improve on, and Xiaomi is taking it a step further with Mi6 expected to have 128 GB of memory as opposed to the usual 16, 32, and 64 options. It is anticipated to have a provision of two slots of Micro SD card rather than one, and this can be expanded to 256 GB if needed. In this age, having more than enough is the dream of consumers and having two 128 GB Micro SD cards will quench the thirst.


If a camera is your primary features that you look at when selecting smartphones, then the Mi6 will not disappoint. . It’s imperative for every manufacturer to fit a good quality camera on its smartphones and Xiaomi has not been left behind on this one. Both the rear and front cameras will be getting an upgrade. Rumors have it that Mi6 will have a rear camera having 23 MP and 7 MP on its front camera. This comes in an era when selfies are the order of the day. To make it compete favorably with other premium flagships, Xiaomi is to enhance the camera of Mi6 with an Optical Image Stabilization Plus feature that will enable users to take pictures and record video while in motion that will seem like you took them when you were standing completely still.


Apart from face-lifting its size, its design is also believed to be getting a step up. The phone’s exterior will be fitted with a metal body design, but it will have more of premium finish to place it on par with its close competitors such as iPhone. The Mi6 might come with a touch of glass at the back of the phone.

Eye Scanner

The rumored retina eye scanner will be one of the most attractive features of Mi6. This will be a replacement of fingerprint scanner seen in the Mi5 as it will be more unique and much more responsive. New rumors are suggesting that either the retina or an iris will be featured.

Wireless Charging

The wireless charging is the next technology to hit the smartphone segment and Mi6 is likely to adopt this feature. You’ll just need to place the phone on any charging mat and it will re-energize on its own. While it would take 20 minutes to charge it to 30%, the halfway point of 50% could be attained within 30 minutes of charging time.

It will have a battery capacity of 2450 mAh meaning that it can easily be charged without many compatibility issues.

Xiaomi Mi6 Price

Most people are wondering what will be the price of Xiaomi Mi6 especially in the US where it is expected make an enormous impact. It is rumored to launch for a price of $399 only which translate to 2012 Yuan in China.

This is comparable to the price of Xiaomi Mi5 when it was first launched. The price is expected to be the same on launch day in other countries including India, South Korea, UK, and Germany.

Xiaomi Mi 6 Release Date

As with previous Xiaomi phones releases, the projected release date of Xiaomi Mi6 will be June 2016. It is expected to be launched in China followed by Korea, Japan and finally India. It will then make its way to other global markets in US, UK, Canada, Germany, and other worldwide avenues.

To wrap the Xiaomi Mi6 review, let’s look at the specs and features in summary form.

  • CPU/GPU. Octa Core having a processor of 2.5 GHz. Has a CPU with Qualcomm Snapdragon and GPU Adreno 530.
  • Camera. 23 MP Rear camera featuring face detection, touch focus, panorama, and Geo-tagging. A selfies camera has 8 MP, with 1080p.
  • Display. Has a screen size of 5.5”, with a resolution of 4096 X 2190 pixels which translates to 600 ppi.
  • Storage. Have 16/64 GB options expandable to 256 GB via double micro SD card.
  • RAM – 4 GB
  • Features- optical image stabilization on its Rear Camera, Eyes Scanner, and fast battery charging; 50% in 30 minutes
  • Connectivity – DUAL S.I.M, Bluetooth v 4.1, W.I-F.I Direct, Hotspot.
  • With plenty of time remaining before its launch, you can expect to see more speculations, news and rumors of the best Xiaomi smartphone yet.