How much storage is enough? Our poll shows a nearly even split between 64GB and 128GB. Of course, this doesn’t mean that there’s no more need for a microSD slot – photos, music and videos fit there just fine, they are not performance-sensitive like apps and games are.

Some argued that those are best left in the cloud, but most agree that the carriers are not ready yet. 4G LTE is fast unless it isn’t – and it’s usually the latter. Then you lose 4G connectivity or run out of data. Not ideal, the Nextbit Robin was ahead of its time.

Anyway, very few people voted 256GB and up. These will be the people who lug around big FLAC collections, movies and more. Not an issue, 256GB phones are becoming more common and we’ll be seeing 512GB phones before long. And microSD went up to 400GB this year.