Amazon’s Alexa digital assistant is making its way into the automobile industry. Ford recently announced it would use Alexa in vehicles and now Volkswagen says it’ll do the same. Alexa-enabled cars from VW will offer similar functionality to the Amazon Echo.

The assistant will also offer VW and car-centric features. When you’re not in your car and are using another device, you can use Alexa to check your vehicle’s status. This means you can know from afar how much fuel is left and if your car is locked.

Integration between Alexa, VW Car-Net, and Amazon allows you to easily purchase supplies for your car. Amazon/Alexa will know the kind of oil or windshield wipers your vehicle needs, for example.

When you’re inside a VW vehicle, Alexa can help with directions, location-based reminders, and many other things.

Volkswagen hasn’t said when the assistant will begin appearing in cars.