Moia is a new company established by Volkswagen that’ll work with major cities to roll out new transportation options. One of the company’s ideas will put it in competition with Uber. Moia plans to operate on-demand shuttle services that’ll use electric vehicles to pick up multiple people. Volkwsagen is building the car that’ll be used.

In cases where only one person has requested a ride along a particular route, Volkswagen may hand over the ride to Gett or another partner.

We still move around our cities like we did 20 or 30 years ago, despite the fact we embraced technology in nearly every other aspect of our lives…There needs to be a better way – the solution can not be to simply add more cars to the street.
– Ole Harms, CEO, Moia

Autonomous vehicles could eventually play a role in Moia’s vision for future city transportation.

We definitely see Uber and the other companies as our competitors – we really admire what they’ve achieved. In the end, we have our own vision.
– Harms

Moia is focused on serving the Europe, US, and China markets. No roll out date was mentioned.