A few years ago, Samsung used to manufacture laptops that competed really well in the otherwise competitive laptop market that is dominated by popular brands such as Apple, Dell and HP. However, that trend has been slowing down in the past several years. And now, Samsung appears set to revive its presence in the laptops market after recently announcing that it will be releasing two laptops in the coming year 2016.

In this post, we review the two upcoming Samsung laptops to look out for in 2016. As such, we’ll look at the features and specifications that the two promise to offer their users.

Upcoming Samsung Laptops 2016: Samsung Ativ Book 9 Pro

The Ativ Book 9 Pro has been touted by observers as one of the key competitors of the 15-inch MacBook Pro. The machine comes with a powerful processor and a gorgeous 15.6-inch 4K touchscreen display.

The laptop’s body is a made of a mix of plastic and metal components with its most outstanding feature being the rigid aluminum unibody frame. It has sleek black edges that are well polished. Besides, its hinges are strong and its keyboard and touchpad pretty responsive. The touchscreen responsiveness is amazing too.

The Ativ Book 9 Pro comes equipped with three USB 3.0 jack ports a HDMI socket. Besides, it has a full-size SD slot and a USB Type-C jack port that can support Display Port 1.2 video output as well as USB 3.1 data output.

In terms of performance, the ATIV Book 9 Pro features an Intel-powered Core i7 processor that’s backed by 8GB RAM and 256GB worth of fast solid-state drive storage. Besides, it supports 802.11ac Wi-Fi and comes with GeForce GTX 950M graphics chip to help you comfortably play various types of games. Its battery can last about 7 hours.

The Ativ Book 9 Pro will make an ideal option for use in office as well as for gaming.

Upcoming Samsung Laptops 2016: Samsung ATIV Book 9 Spin

Samsung ATIV Book 9 Spin
In terms of features and performance, this laptop is nearly equal to the ATIV Book 9 Pro. The most notable differences, however, is that it is a little smaller, lighter and cheaper than the latter.

The ATIV Book 9 Spin features an impressive 13.3-inch touchscreen with a 3200 x 1800 QHD+ resolution that offers a detailed picture quality and a LED backlight. It also comes with three USB 3.0 ports to help you take advantage of the latest high-speed devices. Besides, it also incorporates a HDMI output to expand your viewing options. It has a built-in HD webcam that includes a dual-array microphone for easier video chat over Skype and other related platforms.

In terms of performance, the machine comes equipped with 6th Generation Intel-powered Core i7 processor that is backed by 8GB system memory to facilitate advanced multitasking. It also features a 256GB SSD drive for faster start-up times and data access. It comes with Intel HD graphics 520 that consumes less power yet rendering high-quality images and videos.

The ATIV Book 9 Spin weighs 2.87 lbs. and measures 0.59-inches thin, features that make it an ideal option for travel. Besides, it has an impressive battery that will last about 8 hours.


The ATIV Book 9 Pro and ATIV Book 9 Spin are the two most notable laptops expected to be released by Samsung in 2016. The two are projected to be a hit and even expected to provide competition to the highly-rated Apple’s MacBook Pro. Be on the lookout for when Samsung officially releases them to the market.