When it comes to Intel, it can be very difficult to keep track of the numerous processor generations released by the company on a regular basis. And as per the reports going around, the trend will not stop even in 2016, with three upcoming Intel chips in line for release in 2016.

In this post, you’ll get to learn about the Intel processor chips expected to be released in 2016 starting with the Broadwell-E that is expected to be the first upcoming Intel chip 2016. Others will be Cannonlake Chips and Skylake-E.

1. Broadwell-E

This class of Intel processors is aimed at succeeding the current Haswell-E chips that are regarded as extreme performance processors comprising of X99 chipset and are 5th Generation. The Broadwell-E is now expected to take over in the manufacturing process of the next generation of extreme products. These processors were to be released later this year but that has since been delayed and will thus be released in the first quarter of 2016.

Expected features of Broadwell-E CPUs

– Processors will incorporate either 6 or 8 CPU cores
– 40 lanes of PCI-Express interface
– Hyper-Threading and Turbo Boost technologies supported
– 20MB of level 3 cache
– There will be both “K” and “X” models that come with unlocked clock multiplier.
– The chips will be able to work in existing X99-based motherboards
– The chips will have 140 Watt TDP and can to fit into socket 2011-3.
– Four channels of DDR4 2400 memory

2. Intel Cannonlake Chips

The Intel Cannonlake microarchitecture, previously known as Skymont, is another upcoming Intel chip 2016 that is touted to be the successor of Skylake. It is expected to feature a 10nm process die and an architecture similar to that of Skylake although with a more power efficient design. The Cannonlake platform, expected to be launched later in the second quarter of 2016, will be known as the Union Bay. It will include the Union Point 200-Series chipset with an aim of replacing the current Sunrise Point 100-Series chipset. This same platform is expected to be available for both Ultrabook and Notebook platforms. However, little is known about Cannonlake at the moment and thus we’ll have to wait until later this year to get clearer information on the same. Keep checking with us for more updates on Intel Cannonlake processor.

3. Intel HEDT Skylake-E

Intel is known to release regular updates on most of its expected releases and especially those touching on their High-end desktop platforms. However, little has been known to this moment regarding the Intel HEDT Skyline-E chipsets. This is perhaps because the processors are expected to be released later in the third quarter of 2016. Intel is however expected to launch the platform capable of issuing a new series of chipsets as well as a different socket layout compared to that of the current X99.

Expected features of Skyline-E

– CPUs- Corei7-6700k and the Core i5-6600k expected to be the first ones to use this class of processors
– Supports the Native DDR4
– Ideal for gamers since the processors are high-performance and are designed for overclocking.


Intel continues to release more powerful processors by the day amidst stiff competition in the chipset market that mainly comes from AMD processors. With the three chipsets set to be released within the coming year 2016, Intel is putting across a message that it’s determined to continue dominating the market for a little longer.