For those who are already looking forward to 2016, Dell has recently launched two new laptops in early October, and one more is anticipated to hit the market in just a few days. So, if you are interested in the latest devices for office use, for travel, or for home use, these are three of the top models to consider for 2016.

Upcoming Dell Laptops 2016 For Use At Home

The XPS 15 delivers on all fronts for those who love precision, high octane power, and desire the clearest visibility and clarity on screen possible. The “virtual” borderless design which Dell introduced to the road and Infinity Edge display is presented to you on a 15” screen. Starting at only 3 pounds and 11 to 17 mm thin, you can store this laptop nearly anywhere when not in use.Ultra sharp 4K display, i7 quad core processor, Nvidia GTX 960 M card, and up to 17 hours battery life on standby, are some of the features this laptop boasts. If you seek out a multimedia beast, which truly impresses on clarity, visibility, and color quality, look no further.

Upcoming Dell Laptops 2016 For Use In The Office

The XPS 12 is the perfect 2 in 1 option for office use. A magnetic strip allows you to connect the keyboard for laptop use, or disconnect for tablet use. This is perfect when you have to make a presentation, use powerpoint, or otherwise connect with others in the office while working on the go. A sleek, backlit keyboard allows you to work under any conditions, a 4K display option upgrade, and the Dell Premium Folio comes with a kickstand, allowing you to give presentations or share work data in a large conference setting, all make this a premier laptop for use in the office space.

Upcoming Dell Laptops 2016 FOR Use It On The Go

Upcoming Dell Laptops 2016If you are always on the run, then the XPS 13 might be the option for you when you are looking for a new laptop from Dell to use in the coming year. With the new 6th generation Intel core processor, higher storage and memory capacities built in, and Thunderbolt 3, users are sure to love the smooth transitions, and seamless operation when connecting via wi fi or bluetooth to the internet. It holds the title of the world’s smallest 13” laptop, which makes it compact and simple to carry with you on the go, and the extremely low weight makes it ideal to place in a backpack, or simply carry in hand when on the move. Nearly 18 hours of battery life capabilities FHD display, and several popular apps which were seen on previous models of the laptop, all make it a great option for those who want lightning fast speed and new features.

In order to keep up with competitors, Dell has made several impressive changes to their line of laptops. With most of their devices holding title of smallest in the world (for their respective screen size), impressive battery life, graphics, memory, and unparalleled clarity on screen, these devices truly stand out among the competition today. Regardless of the type of laptop you are looking for, these are three hot models to consider for 2016.