With the competition between smartphone manufacturers expected to get even stiffer in 2016, the year is already showing great prospects as far as this industry is concerned. Various top players such as Samsung, Apple, LG and HTC are already promising to introduce more innovative gadgets that offer excellent browsing and gaming speeds.

This post outlines the top 4 fastest smartphones expected to be released in 2016.

Fastest Smartphones 2016: iPhone 7

Having released the incredible iPhone 6 series just recently, it is already being rumored that Apple is set to release its iPhone 7 later on in 2016. This is a gadget expected to come with an array of more advanced features compared to the already great iPhone 6 and is touted by many to become the best performance smartphone 2016.

Some of the speculated features of iPhone 7 include;
– A powerful Apple A10 processor that comes with its embedded co-processor, the M10 motion. This processor is set to offer a more seamless performance than the A9 that is contained in the iPhone 6S and A8 contained in iPhone 6.
– With A9 processor in iPhone 6S being backed by 2GB RAM, this is seen to be the minimum amount of RAM expected to be maintained in iPhone 7, although there’s a high possibility that Apple will improve upon it.
– A new Operating System, the iOS X (or iOS 10).

Fastest Smartphones 2016: Samsung Galaxy S7

In the Android operating system category, nothing beats the Galaxy series in popularity and trust among users. Samsung is set to release their Galaxy S7 in 2016, and the reception is still expected to be as high as usual. The gadget is rumored to incorporate significant improvements from what the predecessor Galaxy S6 series featured.

Some of the features of Galaxy S7 include;
– A 64-bit Octa-core, 2.9GHz Snapdragon 820 chip-based processor
– 4GB RAM (or anything above it).
– Latest Android OS, Android Marshmallow
– Supports USB Type-C for faster charging

Fastest Smartphones 2016: LG G5

In what a majority sees as a bid to break the dominance of iPhone and Samsung in the smartphone market, LG is expected to release, LG G5 in March 2016. The gadget, regarded by many as one of the best performance smartphones 2016, is tipped to come with several excellent features;
– Supports 5G wireless technology
– 1.8ghZ Octa-core Snapdragon 808 processor
– 4G LTE, v4.0 Bluetooth, NFC and A-GPS
– 3GB RAM and internal memory sized at 32GB
– A 3000mAh battery

Fastest Smartphones 2016: HTC One M10

After HTC’s recent release of HTC One M9, the Taiwan-based smartphone giant is tipped to release an even better performing One M10 in 2016. Typically, HTC has over the years gained a reputation for producing high-quality gadgets that offer users with premium features that meet their technological needs. In HTC One M10, the firm is expected to include several more advanced features than those seen in the One M9;

– 3.1GHz Octa-core Snapdragon 820 processor that makes it the fastest gadget among all smartphones tipped to be released in 2016.
– 4GB RAM to back up the already powerful processor
– The soon-to-be-released Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system.
– A wireless charging technology
– A powerful 20.7MP rear camera
– A 3500mAh capacity battery.

Other devices to add to this list of the fastest smartphones 2016 include;

– Microsoft Lumia 940 and 940 XL
– Xiaomi Mi 6
– OnePlus Three
Sony Xperia Z6