Are you in the market looking for the latest Verizon smartphone? Well, we’ve compiled for you a list of the best new Verizon smartphones 2016 to look forward to this year.

New Verizon Smartphones 2016 #1 LG V10

This has to be one of the best smartphones LG has produced to date and one that is expected to stiffen up the already highly competitive smartphone world that’s largely dominated by Samsung and Apple. As such, the phone sports an outstanding design that features stainless steel rails that run down on both of its edges while a metallic accent covers the camera area. Besides, it has an incredibly vibrant 5.7-inch main screen with a resolution of 2,560×1,440-pixel (translating to 513 ppi), as well as another secondary display that’s 2.1-inch in size and with a 160×1,040-pixel resolution. The device runs an Android Lollipop OS although users will be able to update that to Marshmallow later on. V10 comes with a hexa-core processor that is backed by 4GB RAM. It also has a powerful 16MP rear camera and a 5MP front facing camera. The device comes with a 3000mAh battery.

New Verizon Smartphones 2016 #2 Sony Xperia Z4v

This is another great Verizon smartphone expected to hit in 2016 largely due to its excellent specifications. The phone comes with a 5.2-inch IPS display with a 2,560×1,440-pixel resolution. It sports a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor that is backed by a RAM worth 3GB. It also mounts one of the best cameras you’ll find today, coming with a powerful 20.7MP rear camera that can record 4K videos and with up to ISO 12800. Xperia Z4v runs Android Lollipop although there is a provision for an Android Marshmallow update later on. Other notable features of this device include;

– 3000mAh battery capacity with several modes of charging supported (Qi Charging as well as Qualcomm Quick Charging 2.0)
– Stereo speakers
– 32GB internal storage size with a microSD slot also included

New Verizon Smartphones 2016 #3 Samsung Galaxy Note 5

This is another magnificent device by Verizon that sports amazing specifications and design. Note 5 comes with a spectacular 5.7-inch Super AMOLED 4K display with a pixel density of over 600. Besides, it has a powerful camera package with its rear camera being 23MP while its front-facing camera being 5MP. The rear camera comes with great features such as auto focus, Optical Image Stabilization, CMOS image sensor as well as an auto zoom capability. The device is powered by an Octa-core Snapdragon Qualcomm 2.9 GHz processor that’s backed by a sufficient 4GB RAM. You can choose between the three variants available that come with different internal memories ranging from 16GB to 64GB. A memory card slot can also help you expand the device’s memory up to 128GB. Other notable features of this device include geo-tagging, high dynamic range, haptic feedback. It also comes with a few vital sensors such as an accelerometer, gyroscope, and compass among others.

Additional new Verizon Smartphones 2016 worth checking out

– LG G4
– Moto X Style
– Xperia Z5
– Motorola’s Droid Turbo 2


Any of the phones that makes the cut to this list will be ideal acquisition for a majority of Verizon customers in 2016. You can get the phones at a cheaper price if you buy them with a Verizon contract although most can also be purchased unlocked or on a monthly basis.