When it comes to electronic gadgets, we’re usually told to keep away from water and all other liquids. However, that doesn’t always have to be the case with the ever-advancing world of smartphones. Today, major mobile phone companies are increasingly coming up with amazing smartphones that can handle rain, accidental tumbles into a puddle or any other sort of limited contact with water.

So, if you work outdoors or spend a lot of time at the pools, then you don’t need to worry about acquiring a great smartphone that suits your needs. This post outlines three waterproof smartphones to look out for in 2016.

Best Waterproof Phone 2016: #1 iPhone 6 with LifeProof

Typically, Apple doesn’t manufacture waterproof gadgets which is still the case with its iPhone 6. As such, you’ll need an additional cover if you’re to use the phone outdoors or where it has higher chances of getting into contact with water. LifeProof case is one such casing that makes your iPhone 6 waterproof. The case allows you to hold your phone underwater for as much as 6.5 feet deep. LifeProof comes in three different variants from which you can select from; LifeProof Nuud, LifeProof Fre and LifeProof Fre Power. With LifeProof Fre, you get a screen protector that offers you phone basic waterproof protection. The package goes for $79.99. LifeProof Nuud allows you to view the full screen while still enhancing the gadget waterproof capability. With LifeProof Fre Power, your phone is waterproof and has an enhanced battery life.

Best Waterproof Phone 2016: #2 Kyocera Brigadier

If you’re looking for a rugged smartphone that’s also waterproof, the Kyocera Brigadier could be your best bet. Thanks to its sapphire shield display technology, the phone comes with an incredibly tough touchscreen that is built to take mild drops and tumbles. Besides, the gadget is both waterproof and dustproof which means you can jog in the rain while carrying it in your pocket without having to worry about damage. As such, it is certified for IP68 which in simple terms translates to protection against water immersion for up to 30 minutes and for a maximum of 6 feet deep. However, you’ll need to ensure that the charger port, card slot and audio jack are all sealed properly to ensure the gadget is completely waterproof.

Best Waterproof Phone 2016: #3 Samsung Galaxy S6 Active

This is perhaps the toughest phone Samsung has released to date. The gadget allows you to hold it in 5-feet deep water for as much as thirty minutes without you reporting its damage. This means that if by any chance you mistakenly went swimming with it in your pocket, or accidentally dropped it into your bathtub, you’ve got no reason to freak out as you’re probably duly covered to a certain extent. The best part about Galaxy S6 Active is that it comes with loads of amazing features and specifications, something most waterproof smartphones do not promise. That’s why Samsung S6 Active is certainly one of our best waterproof smartphones to watch in 2016.


There you have it- a list of awesome smartphones to watch in 2016 as far as protection against water damage is concerned. Besides, you may also consider checking with us for regular updates regarding any new waterproof smartphone as released in 2016.