If you are one of those smartphone enthusiasts who have fed into the promises of Samsung that in the year 2017, they would be producing a foldable smartphone which has already been codenamed the Galaxy X, we have some bad news for you – cross that off your calendar.

A statement has come from within the ranks of Samsung themselves with emphasis on how this would not be possible due to the current stage at which technology is still in.

However, you should not totally take your mind off this concept as Samsung still hopes to launch a foldable smartphone sometimes in the future in a bid to redefine the entire smartphone industry. DJ Koh, one of Samsung’s chiefs, has stated that the reason for the delay is that this kind of technology certainly needs time for proper development and implementation, a statement we agree with.

Last month, there were some reports that pointed fingers to LG that they were preparing a foldable smartphone for us but with these new comments from Samsung’s quarters, we should not expect any of such devices in 2017.