Apple is among the top mobile devices manufacturers today with their smartphones (iPhones) being the best in the market today. The iPhones have maintained their popularity despite their costs and this is mainly because of their excellent features. All their features including the processing speed, video / camera quality among other features are of high quality. iPhones have not been left behind when it comes to mobile gaming and their app stores have a huge variety of games. If you are asking yourself which iphone games are best for 2016, below is a list of some of the best iphone games;

1. Candy cash saga

This is one of the best games that you can find in the app store and it is a very addictive game that has gained popularity among many players.

Playing this game is very simple; it has different candies that are spread on the board and all you have to do is to match those candies as per their colors & type and you have to reach the shown points limit. It also has some special candies that when mixed with other candies, you will be given some special powers. Additionally, it has over 30 dream world levels that will take you away from reality.

This gaming app is created by King and it is free.

2. Cooking dash 2016

This is another great game that you should consider playing in the New Year. Basically, it is a time management game which is easy to play.

You (the player) take the role of Flo a very hardworking waitress who happily cooks special recipes for the hungry patrons. Her aspiration is to star in her own cooking show and it is your responsibility to help her achieve that dream.

Downloading this app is free but it has some in-app purchases.

3. Asphalt 8: airborne

This is a good gaming app whose developer is gameloft and it is specifically designed for car racing fans. It has over 95 high performing cars from top manufacturers.

There are 13 diverse settings in which you as a player can race and all the tracks are in their original variations. It has over 300 events in the career mode and you can participate in multiplayer races of up to 12 opponents.

This app is free and is one of iphone’s best games.

4. Xenowerk

This is an action packed shooter game that you should consider playing in 2016. It has been created by Pixelbite (the developers of reckless racing 3, repulze and space marshals).

The setting of this game is in a science laboratory that is underground and the players must apply their combat abilities to work & eliminate the mutants before they can spread & infect the world.

5. Jetpack joyride

This is also a great arcade game that is available on iphone. It has been created by Halfbruick studios and your keen reflexes as a player are your best weapons. Playing is simple; you just scatter the evil scientists and then collect coins throughout the game for the new gears.

This gaming app is also is free.

6. Letterpress

This is one of the easiest and also one of the best games that you can get in the app store. It is a new word game for the iphone. It is a 2-player game and the players simply find the words and then color the board. As a player, you can temporarily lock the letters from your opponent. You can also play this game using game center.

This app is also free to download.

7. Clash of clans

This is a very popular iOS game whose active users are more than 29 million. It is actually the number one grossing game in iOS and you should consider playing in 2016.

As a player, you build your village & make it strong for it to withstand any attack from the opponent player. You have to raise your army of archers, barberians, dragons, hog raiders, PEKKA and then use them on your attack. You can also attack other players in multi-player battles. You also have to use various strategies to win the attack.

8. Fruit ninja

This is another great iOS game that each & every iPhone user should have. Playing it is very simple; with your hands, you simply slice the fruits thrown up in the air and you get more fruits by slicing more fruits.

When slicing, you have to be careful so as not to hit the bombs that are also thrown up because slicing a bomb will prematurely end your game

This is a paid app.


The above is just but a short list of some of the best iphone games that you should consider playing in 2016. Technology advances day-by-day and that is why there are many other upcoming games for 2016 that may also be excellent.