Tesla has revealed a goal of bundling lifetime insurance and maintenance with its vehicles. It has first developed the plan for customers in Asia, who can now get a package that covers the core expenses of owning their vehicle.

An expansion of the plan to all markets where Tesla is available is expected.

We’ve been doing it quietly, but in Asia in particular where we started this, now the majority of Tesla cars are sold with an insurance product that is customized to Tesla, that takes into account not only the Autopilot safety features but also the maintenance costs of the car. It’s our vision in the future that we’ll be able to offer a single price for the car, maintenance and insurance in a really compelling offering for the consumer. And we’re currently doing that today.
– Jeff Evanson, VP of global investor relations, Tesla

On the insurance side of the offer, Tesla is reliant on some of the major players in the insurance market. It has considered underwriting the policies itself.