Tesla’s Autopilot feature is a “considerable traffic hazard,” according to a report from Germany’s Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt), a conclusion Tesla CEO Elon Musk doesn’t agree with. Musk says the findings aren’t “based on science.” When you look at “objective data,” Autopilot is actually safer.

Despite there being some legitimate concerns about Autopilot, Musk is right in saying it hasn’t been a significant hazard. 130 million miles were logged with the system before a fatal crash was reported. With regular driving, a fatal crash occurs every 100 million miles in the US.

Information about the report comes from Der Spiegel, which says the German agency evaluated Autopilot internally and hasn’t released a final view on the system. The report was commissioned following an Autopilot-linked crash in Germany last month.

BASt found the system didn’t follow the correct road markings in a construction zone and instead followed the vehicle in front of it. The report also said Autopilot isn’t setup to operate safely on the Autobahn, where there may not be any speed limits.