Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak didn’t initially appear supportive of Apple’s decision to get rid of the iPhone’s headphone jack, but he has since changed his mind. While speaking with TechRadar, Wozniak said he doesn’t believe many people ever even used the jack. For those who do need it, the dongle should be just fine, in his opinion.

Not that many people used it, I never used it. For those who do use it, you can buy a little adaptor dongle.
– Wozniak

Wozniak himself didn’t seem supportive of the decision before and he at least recognized people were using the jack. Back in August, he said the decision would “tick off a lot of people.”

Current information suggests the iPhone 7 is seeing fewer sales than the iPhone 6s, though that was expected because of its relative lack of upgrades. Despite some consumers being upset about the removal of the headphone jack, it’s expected the market will get used to wireless audio devices eventually.