Samsung is internally trying to figure out what went wrong with the Galaxy Note 7, but it’s not the only entity investigating the problem. An investigation has also been launched by the South Korean government, which has received units that caught fire from Samsung.

Those units will be tested at the Korea Testing Laboratory (KTL), a state-run facility. Among the technologies that’ll be used are X-Ray and computerized tomography. Samsung is dedicating resources to its own investigation and would like to receive an answer as soon as possible.

We have handed over … phones (that caught fire) to KTL and will cooperate with their investigation, but we can’t just sit and wait for its result. We have been mobilizing all possible resources to find the exact cause of the problems as soon as possible.
– Samsung

Investigations have so far been inconclusive, despite Samsung looking into the matter for weeks and dedicating hundreds of employees to the task.

Koh Dong-jin, Samsung’s head of mobile, has stated:

[He will] at any cost find the exact cause (of the faulty Galaxy Note 7) to restore trust of consumers so that they can use Samsung products without any safety concerns.