Just like any other smartphone companies, Sony continues to fight for its place in the competitive market. The company released the smartphone Xperia Z5 several months ago, but that doesn’t seem to be enough for it to capture the market wholly. According to various dependable rumors and news, we should be expecting the Sony Xperia Z6 anytime soon. It is supposed to be competing against the Samsung Galaxy S7 and iPhone 7 among other phones in the same league in this year (2016).

When to expect the Sony Xperia Z6

Sony has adhered to a notable and clear pattern for the release of the core Xperia Z in the past. It has run a 6-month release cycle, and that’s why many people believe that the Xperia Z6 will be out soon, not long after the introduction of the Xperia Z5. Albeit the company will be showing off its next release flagship at the Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress (MWC) which will be running from February 22 and February 25, rumor has it that the first Sony Smartphone will be arriving on the market in the first half of the year. The source of the rumors also pointed out that the company might release the whole series of the Z6 smartphones in mid-2016.

The anticipated features

sony xperia z6
The Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 processor is highly expected to feature in the Xperia Z6. This technology aims at providing more security and will, therefore, offer substantial improvements exceeding the previous models. A pressure-sensitive display is also among the anticipated features, which follows the iPhone’s 3D Touch. This feature allows a user to maneuver through the screen by simply applying different amounts of pressure for various functions. Other features include a reversible USB Type C, wireless charging, improvements in the camera as well as the battery.

Xperia Z6 specs


The screen size of the Xperia Z6 is likely going to be 5.2 inches, the same as that of Z5. The company may also opt to retain the 4K screen that came with the Z5 premium. However, it is hard to predict which size they will choose, mainly because they have persistently refused to embrace the Quad HD model and remained stuck to the Full HD. Most users would prefer the regular model of Z6 to come with a Quad HD display.


There has been no news regarding the design of the anticipated Xperia Z6 yet, but it is expected that the company will maintain its metal and glass body which sets it apart from the competitors. Of course, a change would be welcome, but not one that will bring an entirely new look that differs from the unique Sony’s style. The engineers might resolve to come up with a thinner and sleek body, but most probably the waterproof body will remain the same.

Storage capacities

Sony Xperia Z5 came with 32GB of storage and 3GB RAM. It’s obvious that people would prefer a larger expansion as much as possible, even if it’s up to 128Gb, but the company is mostly going to maintain the 32GB. There have been rumors that the company might upgrade the RAM up to 4GB if it is going to use the Snapdragon 820 processor.

The price of Xperia Z6

Sony is yet to release its official price of their next Xperia smartphone. But from the costs of the previous phones by the same company, you can predict how much Xperia Z6 is going to cost. You can, therefore, expect it to cost between $700 and $800.