After the entire Galaxy Note 7 saga, both Samsung and independent investigators reached the conclusion that there’s nothing wrong with the phablet itself, and the actual batteries were to blame for the problems that plagued the Note 7.

Therefore, it’s only natural for Samsung Electronics to seek some compensation from its battery suppliers, including its own sister company – Samsung SDI. However, it appears that talks between the two Samsung affiliates aren’t going as smoothly as they would like.

According to a report from South Korea, the negotiations on Samsung Electronics’ compensation have stalled, as the the two sister companies can’t seem to reach an agreement. The source claims that Samsung SDI is requesting a reduction of the sum, but Samsung Electronics isn’t too keen on providing it.

Considering the battery supplier had a pretty rough year, reporting an operating loss of $826.9 million thanks to the Note 7 debacle and slow sales of car batteries in China, the compensation Samsung Electronics is asking for might be too much for SDI to handle.

“Samsung Electronics is likely to lower the settlement money considering their close ties. But we have to wait and see,” an unnamed source told The Investor. A Samsung SDI spokesperson reportedly refused to comment, as the talks are still ongoing.