Samsung’s continued issues with the Galaxy Note 7 have arisen from bad executive decisions, reports The Wall Street Journal. Sources claim the company rushed its replacements for the device and effectively ignored some legitimate concerns. Its decision to ship out other potentially faulty Note 7 units led to the replacement program’s cancellation.

Executives in South Korea reportedly debated how to handle the concerns and some executives viewed the concerns as non-issues. Once the newer Note 7 units began catching fire, it was clear Samsung had made the wrong decision.

After weeks of dealing with Note 7 problems, powerful external sources began putting pressure on Samsung to take the phone off the market. One executive from Verizon requested the handset be removed and another executive told Samsung the phone was “becoming increasingly unsalable.”

One of the company’s main mistakes was jumping the gun in deciding what the source of the original Note 7’s problem was. Executives examined the available information and placed the blame on the phone’s battery, but there were concerns at the time that the issue may exist elsewhere in the device.