In January 2017, Samsung disclosed the results of the investigation carried out after the discontinuation of the Galaxy Note 7 handset. The report reveals the core reasons for the explosion of the flagship smartphone, which was launched with much expectations in August 2016.

The latest development is that a minor fire occurred in a factory owned by the battery production affiliate center of Samsung. With this incident, you can infer that the ghost of the Galaxy Note 7 continues to haunt.

According to reports, a fire has been reported at a factory owned by Samsung SDI in China. Interestingly, the affiliate manufactured the initial batteries for the Galaxy Note 7 handset. This as led to the recall of the smartphone. The fire reportedly broke out in a portion where waste products such as faulty batteries are stored.

In a statement released by Samsung SDI spokesperson Shin Yong-Doo, the fire didn’t spread to the production line. The items that caught fire in the factory were lithium batteries inside the workshops. This includes half-finished products. The official Sina Sina Weibo account of the Wuqing branch of the Tianjin Fire Department has confirmed the fire incident.

Soon after the news of fire broke, the fire department pressed nearly 110 firefighters and 19 trucks to extinguish the fire. Hence, we guess that the fire is somewhat larger than predicted. What’s the use of 19 trucks to put off a small fire?

Samsung sources revealed to us that the factory is currently running normally after the fire has been extinguished. The first didn’t cause any major impact on the overall operations of the facility without causing any kind of casualty or injuries.

We still don’t have any information as to whether the fire caused as a result of Samsung Galaxy Note 7. There is a possibility that recalled batteries are dumped inside the factory that caused the fire. That said, there is still fear among consumers regarding the use of the Samsung smartphones.

It remains to be seen as to whether the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 will be safe or not. There are reports that Samsung is currently testing batteries at extreme temperatures to avoid Galaxy Note 7 fiasco.