As the competition between top console providers Microsoft and Sony increases, gamers around the world are set to benefit in many ways.PS4 and Xbox are both doing well in sales, and the anticipation is that the future will bring more games capable of executing in both interfaces. In this piece, we look at the top games anticipated from these two come 2016.

Best Upcoming PS4 and xBox Games 2016: Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2

The first series of this one lit up the gaming world, and we can expect nothing short of spectacular from the second part. The newly-released trailer shows that there are new, exciting additions to what was already a good game. Rumor has it that there are new weapons, improved versions of zombies and all sorts of additional modes have been thrown in to the mix. This multiplayer game is certainly one of the most anticipated for the next year, with both Xbox and PS4 enthusiasts buzzing with excitement already.

Best Upcoming PS4 and xBox Games 2016: Tom Clancy’s The division

This is not an upgrade to an existing game-it is an entirely new concept that comes with great, next generation graphics and promises a smooth sequence of play. It basically showcases a new world in a future that has been brought to its feet by a malicious virus. You will get the chance to sample the numerous graphics thrown here, and most are endearing as they are scary. Published by Ubisoft, this game makes the use of the Snowdrop engine to render graphics and create a picturesque playing environment. The concept here is displayed on a large scale, something that is definitely going to sit well with the avid gamer.

Best Upcoming PS4 and xBox Games 2016: Dark Souls 3

Dark souls 2 was definitely one of the better ones we have had and frankly, most gamers will not have anticipated a new release this soon. There are already murmurs to the effect that this one is coming long before expected, but there is the feel that the publisher has done enough to warrant a third upgrade. The graphics have vastly improved, and the multiplayer edge to this game is set to rise to even sharper levels of refinement. Dark Souls 3 is set for release over the first quarter of 2016.

Best Upcoming PS4 and xBox Games 2016: Battleborn

Right from the name, this game sounds as cool as they come. Gearbox Software has announced that this edition has a wide array of heroes, each one playing at their own unique levels. This setup is exciting because each character brings a new force to the scheme of things. Gamers around the world will be keen to see this one through. It will be interesting to see how the aspect of balance will be handled in this gaming environment. It is also rumored that the heroes in this one will seek to serve up the weaknesses of their opponent during each face-off. Overall, the style comes off as very modern and there is generally a positive feel among enthusiasts and critics. The graphic options are pretty exciting too.

Best Upcoming PS4 and xBox Games 2016: For Honor

Ubisoft seems really interested in running away with most of the gaming accolades come 2016. For Honor is an exciting interface that features multiplayer options at a series of levels. Here, you get the chance to be a Viking, a Knight or a Samurai. It has 4 player options and the modes allow for dazzling power and speed. The one thing about For Honor is that it brings to gaming a refreshingly new concept that has not been explored in recent times.

Best Upcoming PS4 and xBox Games 2016: Doom

Best Upcoming PS4 and xBox Games 2016
The Doom multiplayer game is on its way out to you and is set for release in the second quarter of 2016. All we know is that the original version, Doom 4, was cancelled because the publisher felt that it offered too much of what Call of Duty gave to the fans. We know that this multiplayer promises a lot of functionality and compatibility.

It is expected to run smoothly on:
· PC
· PS4
· Xbox1.

As top gaming companies prepare for 2016, the grapevine is abuzz with rumors regarding what is set to be laid out for the year. All the games analyzed above are expected to run in both Xbox1 and PS4, and it seems that these two are set to continue their rivalry with new releases and aggressive marketing approaches.