Mobile chipmaker Qualcomm has announced its all new Quick Charge 4+ charging standard. The new charging technology according to Qualcomm will result in a 15 percent reduction in charging time in comparison to the recent Quick Charge 4 technology.

While nobody wants to lug around a bulky smartphone with a large battery, Qualcomm’s Quick Charge fast charging technology has certainly been of help in recent years. Fast charging allows smartphone owners to charge their devices twice as fast as standard chargers provided the chips and hardware inside their smartphones support it.

While Qualcomm’s Quick Charging 4 has been available for quite some time now and on a number of supported smartphones, the new Quick Charge 4+ standard takes things up a notch.

Qualcomm has now included a second integrated power management circuit that will divide the charge current and charge the battery faster, yet more efficiently compared to the past.

Add to this intelligent thermal balancing, meaning that the current now reaches the inside of the battery using the coolest routes available. Thanks to this, the battery does not heat up quickly.

Other safety features include the temperature monitoring of both the battery and the phone’s case. The same system also monitors the temperature of the USB Type-C connector.

The first device to feature the new Quick Charge 4+ technology was announced on 2 June. ZTE announced its all-new Nubia Z17 smartphone, with flagship specifications and a hefty 8 GB RAM. The handset packs in Qualcomm’s top-of-the-line Snapdragon 835 chipset with a dual camera set up on the rear which provides 2X optical zoom.