OnePlus has reportedly stopped production of the OnePlus 3 smartphone. This has been done to allow the market to digest existing inventory of the current OnePlus 3, and to make room on its production line for a new smartphone.

At this point it’s unclear if the new smartphone is a variant of the OnePlus 3, or an entirely new SKU. Specifications rumored by Gizmo China seem to suggest that it’s a variant. The company could likely let you tell this variant apart from the current-gen OnePlus 3 with a brand extension (eg: OnePlus 3+, OnePlus 3S, etc.) given that the hardware change is minor.

To begin with, OnePlus is tossing out the AMOLED display of the OnePlus 3, and replacing it with an IPS LCD display. IPS LCDs tend to appear more natural than AMOLEDs, while the latter are preferred for deeper blacks and better contrast.

The second change is the application processor. The company is outfitting the phone with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 SoC, replacing the Snapdragon 820 that breathes under the hood of the OnePlus 3.

There’s no word on when the company plans to launch the new OnePlus.