Norton Security 2016 is designed to offer the next-generation protection against the latest threats. Ideally, it is built for real performance. Norton Security 2016 comes in an entirely new platform where it combines the earlier Norton 360 and Norton Antivirus in a single application. Ideally, it comes with all the ideal features for all-around computer protection. It works pretty well whether for a single connected device or for an interconnection of systems. Perhaps, Norton Security 2016 is the award-winning software that consistently outperforms other products according to the various tests carried. The Norton Security 2016 comes with various unique features that make it ideal for securing a PC against malware, viruses, spyware and other malicious online threats and attacks.

Special features of Norton Internet Security 2016

1. It comes with an expanded protection as one can use it to safeguard multiple devices, Smartphones, Tablets and Macs. This ability implies total peace of mind as one is assured of robust protection for all their devices in only one subscription.

2. It has a special Norton Anti-phishing technology that aids block all the fraudulent sites normally used by cyber criminals in stealing identity and money. The special filter also warns against malicious and infected downloads when browsing.

3. It has a special PC boost up facility; The Norton PC Tune-Up that not only aids in reducing the startup time but also improves the performance of a computer. It does this by freeing up the PC memory by removing the unnecessary files to improve the performance of the hard drive.

4. There is also the remote wipe that allows one to wipe stuff on a lost Smartphone through an SMS. One can also wipe the data on the lost phone’s memory card. Besides, the remote lock allows one to prevent strangers from getting access to private stuff.

5. Norton Smart Firewall offers a two-way firewall protection for both outgoing and incoming internet traffic. This is great in preventing cybercriminals from hacking a computer system.

6. The Norton Safe Web offers protection while surfing the internet by blocking the fake and unsafe sites in the search results.

7. Norton Management is another cool feature that allows the user renew, update, fix and install Norton Multi-Device through the internet. All these can be done in few simple clicks.

8. In case one loses their device and wants to get it back, there is the Web-based Lost Notice that is customizable so in case one finds the lost device, the owner still gets it back.

9. In the case of any need for support, Norton offers a free 24 hour, 7 days a week support services through online chat, emails or phone contact. This implies the user is always confident of reliable support whenever they need it.

Norton Security 2016 is the revolutionary software that provides the needed protection against all forms of online threats and viruses. It is the industry-leading source of protection for single PC users, small business and even the large businesses. It is pretty simple to download, install and use. It carries everything required for robust online protection.