We are yet to enter the year 2018, and lots of rumors about the upcoming smartphones of 2018 are all over. Every smartphone manufacturer is equipping their phone with the best features and quality. All smartphone lovers will have a memorable year come 2018. However, the battle will be between the best smartphones. Which phones will take the market by a storm?

Here is a list of smartphones coming out 2018, iPhone 8, Samsung Galaxy S9, LG G7

New smartphones Coming Out 2018: iPhone 8

The phone will be an evolution especially with a large number of the fancied features of any smartphone lover. It is rumored that this wonder device will be revealed on a global event in September 2018. The phone features the quad-core A9 new processor that will mean that the phone will be the fastest on the globe. With a 20mpxl Rear isight camera and a 2mp front camera super HD camera, it will mean that the device will take the best quality stunning photos. The phone has an incorporated projector that will mean that the user will use the phone to display slides as presentation slides. The battery of the device will be made of an organic material. Resultantly, the battery will store more charge at a considerable long time. The LiquidMetal casing means that the phone’s outer cover is almost impossible to break. What makes this device more awaited is the protective mechanism of this device which will ensure that the device remains intact and undamaged even if it falls.

New smartphones Coming Out 2018: Samsung Galaxy S9

This is the most awaited smartphone in 2018 which is rumored to storm the market in February. However, sources state that the smartphone will take 2 to 4 weeks before being sold to customers. The entire phone’s details are yet to leak, but a few are already clear. With the Samsung Galaxy s9 having already dominated the smartphone market this year, the nothing is going to stop this super device. It will feature a 2.9 GHz octa-core processor and a massive and huge 4GB and a real sharp 5.2-inch P-OLED stylish display. A 30MPxl and a 7mp will be the talk of 2018, especially for the photo lovers. The jaw-dropping feature of this vibrant smartphone will be its folding feature.

New smartphones Coming Out 2018: LG G7

The Korean brand smartphone is a widely expected phone that will without a doubt be the talk of the smartphone market. Rumored to feature in the market In March 2018, this wonder smartphone has equipped the a 4K and a 5-inch screen that will provide a stylish look and a clear one too. Just like the Samsung Galaxy s8, this device will feature a 2.9GHz octa-core fine processor and a 5GB ram which will make the phone among the fastest on the smartphone market. With a whopping 21M primary camera and 5 MP front camera, the L5 G7, will produce very admirable photos. The phone will have the new 3D feature making the recording of videos enjoyable. The eye retina scanner, the dust proof design, and the shock proof design without forgetting the 4100mAh battery. This phone will really bring completion in the market in the coming year.


Which device will create the best attention? Perhaps all I guess. However, the phones will require the buyers to break their banks to have and own them. Let’s wait!