Interest in Pokemon GO is slowly dropping since that initial craze. A lot of people have started playing casually and even more have stopped playing altogether. We expect this to change at least a bit with the upcoming update, rumored to happen on December 7.

In the meantime, though, Niantic is doing its best to keep the current player base active. Today the company announced that it will be holding a global event for a week, starting this Wednesday (November 23). During the event all players will receive double XP and Stardust for all in-game actions.

In case you’re wondering how to capitalize on the bonus, here’s our game plan (spoiler alert – it’s the standard leveling technique):

Catch as many Pidgeys, Caterpies and Weedles as you can find.
Evolve as many of them as you can.
Get 1,000 XP for each evolved Pokemon.
Rinse and repeat.

Happy hunting!