Conspiracy theorists would have surely had a field day with this one and might have even labelled the latest problem to attack all Motorola Nexus 6P users as something of a co-ordinated cyber-attack but we are sure it is none of these so you can calm yourself now.

Many of the owners of this device have been lodging complaints that their devices run out of LTE coverage and the funny thing is, this is not limited to one part of the world. For the United States market, those affected the most by this problem are the users subscribed to T-Mobile.

Already taking the issues to a Google Product Forum, it is apparent that the issues are also not lost on the android giant as an engineer has confirmed the problem. Asides from the US, residents of Canada, Australia, Finland, Holland, Sweden, Mexico, Germany and Hong Kong are singing the same song.

The issue was first thought to be a fault of the security update for August but then, even users that were yet to upgrade go the issues too. Anyways, T-Mobile is currently on a solution to help clear things up, and we hope it’s fast too.