If you own an Xbox One or game on your PC often, then you must have come across Beam before. This is the main service that allows you to live-stream your gaming session. Well, the service has now gotten a fresh redesign from Microsoft along with a name change to Microsoft Mixer. The Android app is also available on the Play Store for the Mixer, and it’s been dubbed as Mixer Create, although it’s currently in the beta stage.

Along with the name change, the app also introduces many new features, one of which is co-streaming. This enables up to four users to broadcast as a team in a single stream. This is especially cool when you’re playing multiplayer FPS games. But all of this is mainly on the PC and Xbox.

Coming back to Android, the new app brings video streaming and also allows you to connect with viewers at the same time. You will also be able to interact with your audience using various other options. The streaming app also lets you manage your identity and channel.

The Mixer Create app works a bit like YouTube live-streaming but come with an altogether different user interface with a couple of more options. If you use the latter a lot, then you may find the Microsoft Mixer Create to your liking too. In the long run, the company is planning to bring live-streaming to Android games too. Check out the link below to download the app on your smartphone.