With every new release, LG continues to amaze. And, it’s anticipated that the upcoming LG G5 will be sure to impress as well. There have been a number of rumors buzzing around that the latest LG smartphone will continue to build upon the G4 concept of one of the best selling smartphone lines in the world. In past years, LG hasn’t hesitated to show everyone what they’re capable of in terms of innovative technology, and more importantly, what consumers want and expect from them. With the LG G5 release right around the corner, everyone is expecting the same exciting and innovative level of quality as the rest of their line.

This LG G5 review will attempt to take a close look at every aspect and feature of the impending LG G5 model. Here’s everything you need to know concerning the LG G5’s release date, features, price, specs, rumors, and any other useful information surrounding the G5. The highly anticipated 2016 LG G5 release is expected to be the best ever. Keep reading for a comprehensive review regarding LG’s newest creation – the LG G5.

Rumors Surrounding the LG G5

Regardless of the fact that there’s still a significant amount of time to wait until the LG G5 is officially released, the buzz surrounding the latest model keeps growing with anticipation and excitement. First of all, the name ‘LG’ says a lot. But more importantly, it’s the continued delivering of outstanding performance in smartphone technology from LG that’s got people waiting and ready with their wallets open and credit cards ready.

The most recent rumors involving the LG G5 point to a release date sometime in the spring of 2016. People are expecting to see enormous changes in the general concept as well as key changes that will enable the LG G5 to compete with other highly notable releases such as the iPhone 7, Galaxy S7, Galaxy Note 6, Galaxy Edge Note 3, and the LG G Flex 2.

Nearly every aspect of the G5 will undergo an upgrade of some kind, including the speed, power, durability, memory, security, and more. Also, there are a number of other rumors about a few new and exciting features, but that information isn’t yet fully disclosed. People have been hearing different reports that the G5 model will boast a bigger screen, an octa-core processor, wireless charging technology, retina eye scanner, 4k display, 3D camera, 20 MP camera, and other features as well.

Furthermore, there are other rumors about the G5 that suggest there may be a strong focus regarding the interface using LG smartwatches as well. Because the average person’s lifestyle is becoming increasingly more convenient and engaging in mobile technology overall, the current demand for smartwatch innovation is anticipated to substantially increase.

LG G5 Specs and Features

The latest, upcoming G5 features that are creating all the buzz are believed to be the best fan favorites ever. Although it has yet to officially verify any of the following information, these rumors are thought to true. After all, all the talk about the endless memory stream, 6 various launch day color availability, retina eye scanning, and wireless charging capacity had to come from somewhere.

The majority of people are anticipating enormous changes concerning the specs of the LG G5. While LG is trying to maintain its position as one of the top innovative leaders in mobile technology, improving various concepts on one of the best smartphones available today is a reality. Regardless of the fact that LG’s current model is still a strong competitor on the market today, LG already has their eyes set on the G5’s future.

Here are the highly anticipated specs for the future of LG G5:

Operating System:
• Current Android operating system for 2016

• 41 mAh

Camera Features:
• Dual LED
• 3D
• Digital image stabilization
• Auto Focus

Camera (front):
• 29 megapixel

Camera (rear):
• 5.1 megapixel

• Octa-Core 2.9 ghz Snapdragon Qualcomm 810 Chipset

Color Options:
• 6 color options including black, white, blue, pink, copper, and gold

• 90 fps

Screen Display:
• 5.6″ sapphire quad HD 4k display (545 ppi)

• Compass
• Thermometer
• Spo2
• Shockproof
• Heart rate
• Dustproof
• Barometer

Special Features:
• Wireless charging technology
• Retina eye scanner

• $800-$900 USD

• Internal memory of 16, 32, 64 GB
• Expandable up to 128 GB
• External micro SD card

As previously mentioned, nearly every aspect of the LG G5 will undergo an upgrade. Both cameras will boast greater megapixels and serve to enhance today’s smartphone camera technology in general. People have been hearing about 3D camera technology in certain circles over the last few years. However, up until now, there haven’t been any definitive reports of it being fully integrated into smartphone technology. With any luck, the G5 camera will embrace 3D camera technology since this will perfectly complement the 5 megapixel front camera as well as the 20 megapixel rear camera.

As the release date slowly approaches, it’s likely that the rumors will only increase. However, they’ll be closely examined regarding all specifications and features of the LG G5.

LG G% Release Date, Presales, and News

The current buzz of the G5’s official announcement regarding the release date is expected sometime in the first week of March 2016. Over the years, the company has been very consistent about stating their intentions regarding release dates, presales, and news in general concerning their LG concepts.

With 2016 fast approaching, is looks to be the same, meaning that LG G5’s release date will launch in a number of substantial Asian markets in the early part of June, towards the end of June in the Euro markets, and by mid-June in the US markets. If the release dates stay consistent, G5’s presales should begin in the same markets approximately 2 weeks prior to the actual release date.

Anticipated Concepts

Although some people are squarely focused on the LG G4 and all it has to offer, several individuals are looking ahead for what the LG G5 can offer instead. No matter what changes take place in terms of features and specs from the G4 to the G5, everyone expects only the best from one of the industry’s top leaders overall.

The LG G5 concept will no doubt bring a variety of aspects that have made their line so popular over the years, including all the unique features, high quality cameras, blazing fast processors, and amazing visuals. LG is also looking to further incorporate the G5 with other key LG peripherals, including tablets and TVs as well.