Lenovo has announced that it will be holding its second annual tech world conference on June 9 in San Francisco, CA. The company will be launching the first Project Tango-enabled phone with Google, as well as unveiling some new tech that was designed by Motorola. With this new technology, Lenovo hopes to be able to change the way we interact with and feel about our most personal devices.

From Lenovo’s announcement:

Tech World 2016 will also host major product announcements; we’ll launch the world’s first consumer Project Tango-enabled smartphone in partnership with Google. Project Tango brings augmented reality to your smartphone, including gaming, navigation, and other utilities. This device gives you a totally new way to experience the world – enabling you to do things never imagined, from indoor mapping your way around a museum to creating a 3D gaming environment to visualizing how a new refrigerator fits into your kitchen.

Lenovo will also announce new mobile technology designed by Motorola that will dramatically change the way people think about and use their most personal devices – in a snap.

The conference will be held on June 9 in San Francisco, California. It will be interesting to see what Lenovo brings to the table, and how the company will use its Motorola acquisition to further its product lines.