360-degree camera market is slowly growing popularity as more companies are releasing new cameras. Today, the Shenzhen-based startup Insta360 has announced that its 360-degree camera is available for pre-order. According to the company, the camera features the “best-in-class 360 and 360 3D imaging.”

Insta360 Pro allows you to capture 360-degree videos at up to 8K resolution thanks to its six 200-degree lenses. It features real-time 360 video stitching with 4K at 30 fps (H.265/H.264) or 4K 3D at 25 fps (H.264). Although it has four microphones, you can still plug in your own external microphone.

However, the price tag isn’t low. You can pre-order the Insta360 Pro on the company’s website now for $3,499.