Recently, @Sun Changxu, analyst claimed that, in addition to Vivo that entered the curved display game with the XPlay 5, other Chinese manufacturers are ready to do the same, including Huawei.

Today, @Sun Changxu mentioned that Huawei will be releasing a double-curved display device in the 2nd half of the year but not like the Samsung S6/S7 Edge. This information seems to come directly from the supply chain of Huawei, so it can be considered quite reliable. Sun Changxu mentioned that this device, may be the 2nd generation of Huawei Mate S. Taking into account that the Mate S sells for 4000 Yuan ($615), will the new device be able to sell at 5000 Yuan ($770)?

At this price point, Huawei enters the market of premium brands like Apple and Samsung that are able to sell at these high prices, taking advantage of their premium brand names. On the other hand, as innovation has slowed down in the recent years, and almost all flagships tend to have the same hardware features, niche features like a curved display, allows companies to charge more in order to raise the profit margin of a device so they can continue to invest in R&D.