When the HTC One M9 was released in March 2015, the reaction from market was lukewarm – to say the least. Hoping to ride on the success of the M8, the company had made little modifications to the flagship smartphone. The market wasn’t amused.

The M9 received one of the lowest ratings of any phone in the HTC One M-series. The sales were even lower. In fact, the poor reception of the M9 hurt the HTC brand so much that its share price slumped to a 12-year low. The Chairwoman, Cher Wang, was even forced to apologize to shareholders over the company’s poor performance (http://www.taipeitimes.com/News/biz/archives/2015/06/03/2003619768).

In a bid to regain consumer confidence, HTC is reportedly planning to make a comeback with its latest HTC One smartphone i.e. the M10. According to company sources, HTC wants the M10 to be mentioned in the same breath as the Samsung Galaxy S6 and iPhone. Below are the latest rumors swirling in tech circles about the M10.

A Radical Overhaul From The M9

The major complaint both customers and critics made about the M9 is that it didn’t change enough from the M8. Granted, some beloved features like its elegant one-piece aluminum unibody were rightly preserved.

However, other features which customers had complained about e.g. a weak battery and rather substandard camera weren’t improved upon. This left customers seething with frustration. Other fairly decent features like the processor and resolution also weren’t taken to the next level. In the end, the M9 gave customers little to be excited about.

According to sources within HTC, the company won’t make the same mistake with the M10. They have planned a massive overhaul of the entire phone. In fact, some rumors even suggest that the naming my change (instead of HTC One M10, they will opt for HTC O2). However, such rumors are yet to be confirmed.

Even then, there are massive improvements expected in the HTC One M10 in terms of features and specifications. Below are some of the features and specs which customers, enthusiasts and professional critics expect to see in the M10.

Features and Specs

  • The M10 is widely expected to have a faster processor than its predecessor. The consensus is that it will have a Snapdragon 820, which is much faster than the Snapdragon 810 which the M9 has.
  • The M10 is expected to have up to 4GB RAM. This is aimed to position it to perfectly take on rivals like the iPhone 7S, Galaxy S6 and LG G4. Users will be able to choose between 64GB and 128 GB internal storage.
  • One of the improvements hailed in the M9 was the inclusion of a microSD card slot. The M8 hadn’t had such a slot – much to the frustration of users. Given the plaudits HTC received for adding it to the M9, it is almost certain that the M10 will also feature a MicroSD card slot.
  • Following the criticism about the M9’s subpar camera, the M10 will definitely have an improved camera. Word on the street is that it will feature a 27MP main camera, with a 5MP front camera.
  • The battery will also certainly improve. According to the latest Chinese reports, the M10 is expected to be fitted with an ultra-strong 3500mAh battery.
  • The M9’s resolution came under fire for falling behind that of close rivals, the Galaxy S6 and LG G4. Although the 5in 1920×1080 display was widely praised in the M8, customers and pros alike had clearly expected an improvement in the M9. It wasn’t to be, and customers weren’t at all amused.

HTC One M10

The consensus is that the screen resolution in the M10 will be much improved. The sticking point is the exact nature of the improvement. There are some who claim that the M10 will feature a 6in, 4K resolution. However, others claim that 4K will be overkill for a 6-inch screen. They say that a more realistic resolution would be Quad HD (2560×1440). Well, we shall find out the truth when HTC releases its official specs.

-The HTC One M10 is expected to maintain the sleek, one-piece aluminum unibody which so endeared the M8 to customers. However, sources from HTC claim that an extra tweak will be added to the M10. The phone will be totally waterproof and dustproof.

In a nutshell, these are the features and specs which are expected to appear in the HTC One M10. Granted, most of these are still speculative. However, as more concrete news appears, we’ll keep you posted.

Release Date

The exact release date of the HTC One M10 isn’t yet known. However, previous releases of HTC One M-series phones have been made in March. For instance, HTC One M7, M8 and M9 were all released in March of 2013, 2014 and 2015, respectively.

Therefore, if this trajectory is to be observed, the M10 will be released in March 2016. But then, most experts believe that the phone will hit US and UK stores in mid-to-late April or early May 2016.


The exact price of the HTC One M10 isn’t yet known. However, upon release, the M8 cost £550 and the M9 cost £579. As such, the M10 is likely to be in a similar price range.

Watch This Space!

In a nutshell, that is the latest news about the HTC One M10. Granted, most of this is still speculative. However, we are keeping our ears to the ground. As soon as any new info appears from HTC insiders, we’ll bring it right here. Therefore, to keep up-to-date with the latest tasty tidbits about the HTC One M10, keep coming back to this page. We’ll keep you posted with the latest info out there. Cheers!