Quite a few Galaxy S7 Edge owners have taken to social media, forums, and Reddit to report a display issue. They say a pink line has appeared across their unit’s display without any accident. Although the same problem has been reported by multiple users, it doesn’t appear the issue is widespread.

More reports have appeared about the issue recently, but it was first mentioned as early as last summer. A Samsung forum user, Lemz22, said:

A pink line popped up on the screen. It goes from the top to bottom in middle. I tried changing theme, wallpaper, setting, and rebooting phone. It don’t seem to want to go away but when I send photos or anything else it will appeal normal on there (sp) screen.

Samsung appears to be recommending users send in their unit for evaluation. Consumers can go to a local service center to receive faster service.

Customers who’ve attempted to receive assistance have in some cases said they must pay $350 for a screen replacement. Though there are consumers who’ve had their phone fixed without issue within 24 hours.