Final Fantasy XII trophy support might even convince me to go hunting

Long before Final Fantasy XV took all the credit for it, Final Fantasy XII already created a massive and brilliant sandbox for Final Fantasy fans to goof around in. With its complex Gambit system, license board paths, and endless roads to the far reaches of its map, the game was built for tinkering and exploring at you own pace, much like all the best open world games.

With trophies, you will now be rewarded for getting out there and seeing all that Ivalice has to offer. Trials, money, skills and abilities, and the trivial trophies are fine and all, but any veteran knows it’s the big, optional bosses who are the ultimate prize in Final Fantasy XII. You best believe that all of the Elite Marks, as the strongest enemies are called, have their own individual trophies.

I’m not one for hunting trophies and achievements anymore, but for Final Fantasy XII‘s sake, I might need to revert to my old ways temporarily. Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age will be released for the PlayStation 4 in 2017.