The year 2015 has seen the unveiling of many delightful tablets. Some popular releases include Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, Lenovo MIIX 700 and Microsoft Surface Pro 4. Most of these unleashed a plethora of exciting features. Some like the Lenovo MIIX 700 surprised many with their blend of performance, design and pricing.

On the whole, 2015 has been quite spectacular – at least when it comes to tablets. With the holiday season approaching, we’ll no doubt see more releases. However, enough with 2015 already! It is time to turn our attention to 2016.

The year 2016 is set to be perhaps the best tablets year ever. The reason for this is simple: tablet sales are predicted to hit an all-time low. To compete, all manufacturers will have to up their game. There already indications that everyone is revving up for 2016. Here are the best tablets we’ll see in 2016.

Best Upcoming Tablets 2016: Dell XPS 12

This superb tablet is Dell’s answer to the Surface Pro 4 and iPad Pro. It is actually more than a just a tablet. It is a hybrid between a tablet and a pc. As such, it is more like a laptop. Since Dell offered enthusiasts a glimpse at this gadget, it has been drawing rave reviews. This is courtesy of its amazing specs.

Features and Specs

  • It is expected to feature an 11-inch screen with a 3,840 x 2,160 pixel display (4K resolution)
  • -It has an inbuilt keyboard dock and will be shipped with its own keyboard (unlike the Surface Pro 4 where you pay for a keyboard separately).
  • It will have an Intel Core M processor, with a CPU capable of supporting up to 8GB RAM
  • It will use USB Type-C ports instead of standard USB ports. This will enable it to have a slimmer design (compared to the Surface Pro 4).
  • It will run on Windows 10

Release Date

The release date for the Dell XPS 12 is still unclear. Speculations place the release anywhere from January to March 2016. No clear signal has yet come from Dell.

As is the case with the release date, there is no indication about the pricing yet. Rather than speculate, the best bet is to wait for hints from Dell.

Best Upcoming Tablets 2016: iPad Air 3

ipad air 3
The iPad Air is renowned for its ultra-thin design. The previous versions have also oozed with simplicity, power and sheer class. The next-gen iPad Air is set to continue this tradition. This tablet is expected to set the standard yet again. This is thanks to its elegant collection of features.

Features and Specs

  • The device will be powered by the A9X processor. Besides raw power, this processor is also energy efficient giving the iPad Air 3 more battery power.
  • It will feature 3G RAM and internal storage variants of 16GB, 64GB, and 128GB
  • It will have a 9.7 inch screen with a 4096 x 2160 pixels display (2K resolution)
  • It will run on iOS 9
  • It will have an 8 MP iSight camera at the back and 2.1 MP front-facing camera

Release Date

In early August, there was speculation that the iPad Air 3 would hit the stores before the end of the year. In fact, many had predicted that it would be released in October 2015 (in line with previous iPad Air releases).

For some reason, this did not materialize. The tablet is now expected to hit the stores in March 2016.


The price of the iPad Air 3 hasn’t been released. However, the first iPad Air started at $399 (for 16 GB storage), the iPad Air 2 started at $499. As such, given the progression, the iPad Air 3 should begin at $599. But then, given the competitiveness on the market, this is unlikely to be the case. A more likely scenario is maintaining the price structure closer too that of the iPad Air 2 i.e. $499.

Best Upcoming Tablets 2016: HP Elite X2 1012

HP Elite X2 1012
In June 2015, an internal dossier which outlined HP’s roadmap for releasing Windows tablets was leaked. The document revealed that the company was planning to unveil three tablets i.e. the HP Pro Tablet 608, HP Elite X2 1012 and HP X2 210.

The company has since released the Pro Tablet 608 and HP X2 210. The only one left is the HP Elite X2 1102 – a high end tablet targeted at the business community. The company has been tight-lipped about the device. As such, info about it is scanty. Even then, here is what we know so far.

Features and Specs

  • It will likely use the latest Intel Core M processor
  • It will have a RAM of at least 3GB
  • It will have an inbuilt keyboard – with a capacity to be detached from it
  • It will have a 12-inch screen with a minimum 2K resolution
  • It will run on the Windows 10 operating system

Release Date

The date for release is unknown. However, it is likely to be within the first 3 months of 2016.


The price is also unknown. However, basing on the pricing of the Pro Tablet 608 and HP X2 210, it could cost a minimum of $500.

Best Upcoming Tablets 2016: Asus PadFone S2

The Asus PadFone is a revolutionary device on many levels. The tablet/phone combo is unmatched. Asus is scheduled to release the next iteration of the PadFone in 2016. There is already a buzz of expectation about what it will contain. Here are the tastiest tidbits about this amazing device.

Features and Specs

  • It will feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor – the latest Snapdragon on the market
  • It will have 4GB RAM and internal storage of 32GB and 64GB
  • It will have a 10.1 inch screen with Full HD 2K display
  • It will have a 21MP rear and 8MP front camera
  • It will run on the Android Marshmallows operating system

Release Date

The Asus PadFone S2 is expected to hit the stores in March 2016


There isn’t any clear indication what the Asus PadFone S2 will cost.

Watch This Space

In a nutshell, those are the top tablets we expect to see in the coming year. Essentially, they are the best tablets for 2016. We are keeping tabs on these and other cool upcoming tablets. As soon as any new info surfaces, we shall bring it right here. So, watch this space!