Some advanced and developed smartphones will be launched in 2016. Many new smartphones introduced into the market in this year. Most of them received appreciation from the customers. Hopefully, people will get some new models and advanced technologies in the upcoming year. People are expecting more as new smartphones are coming with more innovative ideas and developed features. Another reason is that the upcoming smartphones will be launched by some reputed brands.

Some new arrivals such as iPhone 7, Samsung galaxy S7, LG G5, Xiaomi Mi6 will make their entry into the smartphone industry in the upcoming year. People have started speculating about the features, technologies, models, availability, and prices of the products much before their arrival. They have started making a comparison among all these products to find out which is best smartphone of 2016. It will not be easy to guess anything before the launch. To help you more about the recent inclusion of the smartphones, below are the details of some upcoming smartphones.

Upcoming Smartphones 2016: iPhone7

iPhone7 will be launched on September 2016. This is an Apple product. So, people are expecting some advanced and developed features and an innovative model from this latest creation of the Apple. It is expected it will it will be thinner like other products of the Apple. If we believe the rumors then we can anticipate that the latest product will come with 4.7 to 5.5 inches, edge-to-edge display, and glass-on-glass touch panels. It might come with Force Technology. Apple is silent about the features of this new creation. If you want to more details, then you will have to wait till September 2016.

Upcoming Smartphones 2016: LG G5

We can expect a quality product with some advanced features from LG G5. It is an LG product. The name is more than enough to prove the credibility and reliability of this new arrival. If we go with the rumors LG G5 will be introduced with an upgraded security system, long battery life, and good memory and with some many advanced features. It is believed that this new model of the LG will come with wireless charging technology, 3D Camera, 4K display, bigger screen, Octa-core processor, and 20-Mp Camera. LG has not confirmed anything about the features of this new product. But we can believe that it will be able to satisfy the customers with many developed and new features. To know more about this product and the features, we will have to wait till June 2016.

Upcoming Smartphones 2016: Xiaomi Mi6

Xiaomi Mi6 will be introduced into the smartphone industry in 2016. It will be affordable. Xiaomi charges less in comparison to other products of this industry. Initially, Xiaomi was limited only in the Asian market, but now it is the third leading smartphone brand. The latest creation Xiaomi will be first launched in the Canada and USA. It is expected that the new product will come with some developed technologies and advanced features such as a processor, camera, display, screen and many more features. All other features will be revealed after the launch.

Which is best the smartphone of 2016?

It will be too early to predict anything before the arrivals of these products. To know which is best smartphone of 2016, we will have to wait till the launch. All the products will be introduced by reputed brands. So, we hope that all of them will come with some developed features.