iPad lovers may go on and on telling people that iPads are going to change the world of computing, but we all know why they opted for iPads: Gaming. From Racing games and strategy games to Action and sports games. All these are lining on the virtual shelves of the App stores waiting to be downloaded. So, how do you choose games from the virtual marketplace that have been brimmed with so many choices? Some are horrible some are good, and that’s why this post will guide you through the best upcoming iPad games 2016 that will take the users by storm. Without much ado, here is what you should expect in 2016.

Best Upcoming iPad Strategy Games 2016


The long road of development of Crashlands game is finally coming to an end early next 2016. The Crashlands developer Butterscotch Shenanigans has offered a head start to gamers who are eagerly waiting for its release and they can unlock some bonus content by completing missions in the previous version of Crashlands.


Zenge is quite an Intriguing puzzle game. It will be a tangram puzzle having a unique hook where every piece must be assembled in the correct order. One has to be smart as each piece is on a line and, therefore, one ought to know the order in which the pieces must be assembled in.

Plague Inc.

Games that work to eradicate a population with a lethal disease aren’t fun at all, but Plague Inc. is an exception. It is encouraging you to balance hardiness and plague severity in equal measure as you try to control the population from discovering a cure for this encroaching pandemic. Plague Inc. will mix highly terrifying and strategic simulation from the developer Ndemic Creations and brought by Miniclip. It is about a pathogen that you own, and it has infected “Patient Zero”. Now you have to bring about the end of the human race by evolving a deadly global plague while adapting to every defense that humanity may come up with.


The simple goal of this meditative game is to build the best possible base and explore the outer expanses of space. One will do so with the help of minions and good resource management, and one has to fend off increasing waves that the enemies will be throwing at you as you rush to gather more raw materials, food, and energy.

Imagine a strategy game where one don’t have to worry about the units or mounting attacks to select to fight the enemies, but rather, one will focus on building the best possible station. That’s what Rymdkapsel is all about. This will be a game that will tempt you to keep on playing while sleeping, walking down the street

Best Upcoming iPad Action Games 2016

Street Fighter IV Volt

Street fighter will be back and will be an awesome game just like the way it has been. It will have new features such as long-running hallmarks with 3D graphics, and additional characters as well as an online mode for fighting others using a Wi-Fi network. SF4 Volt resembles its predecessors. There will be four controls instead of the classic six. The advantage in this game is that one can tap the ultra and super meters to initiate a devastating move without having to pull off the combos.

Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance: N.O.V.A 3

Action games will never be on par with this game. N.O.V.A 3 involves fighting to protect planet earth as Kal Wardin, who is the ex-officer of the Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance. One has to blast their way through a wide-ranging campaign consisting of ten levels and a bombardment of chaotic twelve player battles. Besides, one earns pilot all-terrain vehicles, weapons upgrades and much more.

Best Upcoming iPad Sports Games 2016

Table Tennis Touch

Table Tennis Touch will be the new standard for tennis games. One can navigate through the arcade mode, tennis career mode or various imaginative mini-games, by use of stellar controls with the option to backspin or slice with a swipe of your finger. The graphics are jaw breaking, and it will have spectacular scenes and moreover.

Asphalt 8: Airborne

This will be the best arcade racing game for your iPad and has reached a new turning point. One can perform dynamic, high-speed aerial stunts when in an intense driving experience that will be powered by a new physics engine. This classic and unique driving game will utilize both the virtual and tilt-to-steer steering wheel. It is a lengthy campaign, and you have to unlock new levels by racing through terrific terrains, including French Guiana and Dubai, while offering gameplay that is far more stylish and beyond imagination.

Grand Theft Auto

Ever since 2010, the Rockstar Games has released Grand Theft Auto series at around the same time each year. All the series in this game has either been released in December or January. Therefore, expect another amazing Grand Theft Auto release in January 2016 with amazing graphics and spectacular scenes.


The above list of best upcoming iPad games 2016 has been compiled based on the tests and anticipations these trials have created among the users.