Technology has continued to advance and that is why today, just a simple handset can do so many things. It is no surprising that some elderly people have been left behind (especially with smartphone technology) however there are some who want to keep up with all the changes. Fortunately there are some smartphones that have been designed in a manner that they can easily be used by senior & elderly people.

What to look for when buying a smartphone for senior 2016;

  • It should have a simple interface: this is to ensure that its navigation is simple and easy to use. Things like making a call, finding a phone number, sending an email should not be hard to do. Before bringing it home, you should try it first in the store and you can also ask the seller for any clarification.
  • A large screen: the screen should be clear, bright and large enough. Note that as we age, our eyesight declines. Having a bright, clear screen will make things like looking at photos/taking photos, reading and even navigation much easier.
  • It should also be easy to carry around. Remember that, most of the time you will be moving around with the phone. Therefore, it should not be too heavy or too bulky for you to carry it around.

Below is a list of some uncomplicated smartphones for seniors and elderly 2016;

Apple iPhone6 Plus

This comes with an excellent camera, low light photo performance, a faster processor and runs iOS 8. Its screen is 5.5 inch and it has a large field of view. It also has an adjustable background light as well as a great sound. All these features make it ideal for seniors especially those having fading eyesight as well as those with a hearing problem. Additionally, one can also register it and incase it gets lost, it can be found.

Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4
This has a 5 inch screen, an amazingly fast processor, an excellent sound as well as great graphics. The big screen together with the amazing graphics makes it ideal for seniors wanting a big, clear display. It also has a huge internal storage (32 GB) and this makes it perfect for storing pictures, e-books, music and many others. This storage memory is perfect for seniors who do not want to be moving around with disks or any others storage material because the phone’s memory storage is enough.

LG G2 Verizon

lg g2
This comes with the following features; A 5.2 inch screen, an excellent camera, a quad core processor, clear camera and many other great features. The big screen makes the display and navigation very easy. In addition to all these, it is also very easy to hold and this is very suitable for seniors who do not want a phone that is bulky.

Nokia Lumia 1520

nokia lumia 1520
This has an anti-glare, 6 inch screen making reading in places that have excessive lighting or sunlight much easier. The big screen also gives the seniors and the elderly a good, clear display. It also has an excellent sound and a great camera. It is ideal for all seniors and especially those with hearing or with eyesight problems and are looking for a phone whose screen does not have too much reflection. All its features make it a must have smartphone for senior 2016.