Due to an increase in the number of companies that provide cell phone services, there has been a significant drop in the charges. This has made a huge impact economically to all the smartphone users. There has been smartphone and cell plan guide from different companies thus making the users have a wide choice on which to use. Below are some of the companies that have the best smartphone plans 2016.

Best Smartphone Plans 2018: AT&T

The mobile subscriber is among the companies that have lost its customers. It is said that the customers are shifting to T-Mobile, a company that uses the same technology as AT&T. The company is attracting the customers by ensuring it is paying the termination fees for the customer who agrees to join them. To counter this heat, AT&T has marked down the cost greatly. For the first two lines in a family, the cost is $130 per month and any additional line is $15 per month. For those who are using 5 lines, the cost is $175 per month or $35 per month. There is also new discount which ranges from $35- $55 a month depending on how you are using the data.

Best Smartphone Plans 2018: Sprint

This cell phone service provider is also being a perfect competitor in the market. It has awesome deals that are taken by many people in a positive way. In its current plan, it is raising its cell phone plan from $60 to $70. Through this plan one is able to enjoy an unlimited talk, data and text messages. The other existing plans are maintained for the customers to select. Sprint also has a sub-brand known as Boost Mobile that is delivering the same services at the far much lower price of $35 per month. In that sub-brands, you enjoy 2.5GB of data, unlimited talk and data.

Best Smartphone Plans 2018: Verizon

Due to increased competition, Verizon has also come up with a working cell plan. Initially, they used to charge $110 per month but now they have cut it to $60. This is inclusive of unlimited text, talk and 2GB of data. The service provider has also announced a sub-brand to counter this business pressure. Total Wireless sub-brand is operated by TracFone Wireless but uses Verizon network. It has a standard offer of unlimited talk, text and 2.5GB of data for just $35 per month. These offers are making a huge number of people consider Verizon as a viable service provider.

Best Smartphone Plans 2018: T-Mobile

Their new plan of expanding the family plan from 5- 10 has really attracted most people. There is no contract to sign up or pay when purchasing a phone. For the services, T-Mobile has ensured that its customers spend the least. For the first line, the charges are $50 per month with the second line being $30. The 3rd line all the way to the 10th is charged $10 per month. All the lines are packaged with an unlimited talk, text and 2.5GB of data through 2015. They are also offering a special bonus to those who terminate their contracts from other companies to join them. The mobile service provider has other simple choice plans that include unlimited calls from the U.S. to any other number.