The monitor is a very essential part of a PC and you will be staring at it the most and that is why it should be of great quality. You may be a very good gamer but if your machine is not up to the task, you are likely to be beaten by your online competitors. If you want your gaming experience to be smooth, then you need to have a good PC whose monitor is of good quality, blur & flicker free.

As the technology continuous to evolve, the quality, size & performance of the pc’s components (especially the monitor) also continue to improve. The estimated lifespan of a monitor is at least 4-5 years and that is why spending an extra dollar to invest in a good one is worth it. When purchasing a gaming monitor, you need to consider the following things;

  • Size and resolution
  • Video inputs
  • Brightness
  • Contrast
  • Viewing angle
  • Panel technology (vertical alignment panels, twisted nematic panels and in-plane switching panels).
  • Pixel response & refresh rate
  • G-Sync & FreeSync
  • Price

Below are some of the best monitors for gaming 2016

Those above $500

1) Asus ROG Swift PG78Q – $756

This is a 27-inch monitor that uses the nVidia’s G-Sync technology and is the definitely the best 27-inch gaming monitor. It uses a resolution of 2560 x 1440 (WQHD). Its panel (TN) has a refresh rate of 144Hz and a response time of 1ms pixel which enable you to have a wonderful gaming experience.

It is also 3D ready and it comes with great gaming features which makes it ideal for any high end gaming system. Its high resolution, great speed, together with the G-Sync makes it the best gaming monitor for gaming 2016. It has been priced accordingly and if you are a passionate gamer, you will definitely appreciate its specs.

2) Philips 272G5DYEB – $549

This is a 27-inch LCD monitor that enables one to enjoy smooth gaming with extra brightness. It comes with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 which may be too big for a 27-inch screen. One of the features that attracts many gamers is the nVidia G-Sync support that hits at a refresh rate of 144Hz and a 1ms response time. Ghosting & motion-blur issues area taken care of by the quick refresh & pixel response rates of its panel.


3) BenQXL2430T – $379

This is another great monitor that comes with a TN panel that offers a fast response time and a refresh rate of 144Hz. It is of great quality and provides excellent performance. It is equipped with many connectivity ports, smart scaling, blur reduction, programmable hotkeys and some special gaming features.

4) Acer XB2700H

This monitor is highly recommended especially for gamers who want to maintain the variable refresh rate of the G-Sync technology while keeping their resolution at 1920 x 1080 so as to enjoy a smooth gaming experience. Its TN panel is of great quality and it has a refresh rate of 144 Hz and it offers great performance.

5) BenQXL2720Z

This is a G-Sync monitor that comes with a TN FHD panel with a resolution of 1920 x 1080, a quick refresh rate of 144Hz and good response time. It also has a low input lag and a highly effective blur-reduction mode that is linked to the LED backlight. It is a great choice for many gamers.

Under $150

6) BenQRL2240HE

This is a very affordable monitor that has been aimed specifically at RTS gamers and not FPS gamers. It comes with an adjustable stand and has a low-input lag. For its price, it is a good monitor that can enable you to enjoy a smooth, blur-free motion.


All the above monitors are good and with any of them, you can have a great gaming experience. Depending on your specific needs as well as your budget, you can get a monitor that will enable you to have a good gaming experience in 2016.