Another great new year is just around the corner and with that, it’s important to plan for all the tasks and excitement that is awaiting us in 2016. Likewise, an essential thing for every college student is to prepare in advance for their new college year. Nowadays, the education system is becoming highly advanced that we just can’t progress with a paper and a pen only. You will require having something easily accessible and fast, and this is definitely where a laptop comes into picture. So, which laptop is the best for college in 2016?

Best laptop for college 2016: #6 Samsung Chrome Book

Samsung Chrome Book is categorized under budget laptops and in fact, it’s by far one of the most affordable laptops ever made. It is a very light and thin device, thus it’s easier for one to carry around in their bag without as it doesn’t call for much effort. However, one disappointing thing about Samsung Chrome Book is that it doesn’t an OS such as Windows.

This laptop also only runs Google-web apps and is mostly used for accessing your mail and web browsing. With this cheap laptop, one gets an impressive six hours of battery life. It features 12.1-inch display and 16-GB SSD storage. It is a perfect device for light users; however, it isn’t at all going to suit gamers or heavy users.

Best laptop for college 2016: #5 ASUS Ultra-book S500 CADS51-T

This is a great laptop made and designed by ASUS. It’s incrediblly light and thin and it is also amazingly powerful and fast. The device is superbly powered with 6GB DD-R3 RAM and Intel Corei5 processor. It’s packed with 24GB SSD and500GB hard disk storage and one also gets 32GB-free cloud storage. The laptop also features a 15.6-inch display andIntel HIgh Definition 4000 graphics. In addition, it is comes with a Windows 8 OS.

Best laptop for college 2016: #4 Dell Inspironn 15 i-15RM7537s-LV

This is by far one of the most popular and commonly used laptops in the market. Dell Inspiron is quite an affordable laptop, and considering it is made by Dell, one doesn’t need to have any doubts about its performance. It is equipped with 8 GB DD-R3 RAM and Intel Corei7 processor. These features guarantee that the laptop is powerful enough to handle all types of processor intensive tasks. It also comes with 1 terabyte HDD storage, as well as a 15.6 inch screen display. Another reason why the laptop is cool is because it also comes with an original licensed Windows 8 Operating System version.

Best laptop for college 2016: #3 HP Pavilion Touch-Smart 15

As its name itself sounds, this HP laptop comes with a “touch” display, which is really very important as it enables efficient performance of tasks. Moreover, the laptop isn’t really that expensive taking into mind the features bound with it. This laptop is equipped with 6GB DD-R3 RAM and A-Series processors.

The device feels great and is ultra slim. It comes with a 15.6 –inch touch screen display and 750 GB hard disk storage. It also has a Windows 8 operating system; therefore, you do not have to purchase a separate Windows license copy. Indeed, HP Pavilion Touch-Smart 15 is another oneof those amazing laptops for college,come 2016.

Best laptop for college 2016: #2 Acer Aspire S-53916-419

Acer Aspire S-5 is yet another Ultra-Book ideal for college students as it is powerful, light, and slim. Talking about Aspire S-5, not only the looks and designs but also the performance is given a high priority. It’s supported by 4-GB DDR3 RAM and Intel Corei5 processor. Acer Aspire S-5 features a 13.3 inch display that incorporates Intel High Definition 4000 graphics. The laptop has also been pre-installed with Windows 8 OS. This device is indeed capable of offering 6.5 hours of battery life.

Best laptop for college 2016: #1 Apple Mac-Book Air 13

Best Laptop for college 2016: Apple Mac-Book Air 13
When Apple Mac-Book Air was launched 3 years ago, it was the lightest, slimmest, and best-looking laptop ever designed. However, there was a slight flaw with the laptop when it came to performance, as I wasn’t really at par when compared to its rivals. But in mid 2013, Apple launched the new version of Mac-Book Air with Has-Well Chip and 4th Generation Intel Core processors. This simply made the New Mac-Book Air the best and most powerful Ultra-Book ever.

It comes with pretty of amazing features in it. Apple Mac-Book Air 13 device features a 13.3 inch display, a Chiclet keyboard and High Definition resolution of 1450×900 pixels. It also comes with a 4GB RAM (can be raised up to 8GB), and Intel High Definition graphics 5000.

To sum it up, these are definitely the best laptops that college students should look out for in the next coming year.