Which smartphone is best for games 2018?

Over the past years, smartphones have replaced many tech gadgets. Mobile gaming console is slowly being forgotten. However, if you are a true hardcore gamer, it is not always the case that the average smartphone will cut your gaming needs. You will need a device that packs the latest processor, high-resolution HD screen, and RAM to get the best gaming experience. Flagship phones that are set to launch in 2018 include Samsung Galaxy s9, iPhone 8 and LG G7. Here are just some of the best mobile phones you shpould buy if you love games.

Best Gaming Smartphone 2018: Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung is the most used mobile phone brand in the world. Current statistics shows that the Galaxy S series have sold more than 200 million units since Samsung S 5 was released which is a pretty impressive statistics. There is a rumor that Samsung intends to release Samsung S9 Edge on the first quarter of 2018. For gamers, the Samsung Galaxy S9 is a good device because of various reasons. Firstly, it comes with a 4GB RAM. The big RAM has sparked a lot of excitement. Secondly, it also comes with a 64-bit processor. Samsung Galaxy S9 will be the first Android smartphone to have the 64bit Exynos processor. Moreover, there is a 3.5 GHz processing power. Expect the fastest gaming speeds. The phone comes with 128GB of internal storage. It will have a super AMOLED display that is 4k and is 5.5 inches which is exciting for gamers as they can play demanding games in high definition without a problem.

Best Gaming Smartphone 2018: iPhone 8

Apple is set to release IPhone 8 in September 2018. iPhone 8 comes with a 6GB RAM, which is relatively low as compared to some new smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S8(6 GB RAM). On a sad note, the battery is also expected to be slimmer hence that will reduce the battery capacity that is not good for gamers. As a result, battery life will be reduced. Moreover, Apple is expected to continue using the LCD screen technology rather than moving to AMOLED technology. AMOLED-based phones are better in situations where the screen is on for a long time. For example watching videos and playing games. Therefore, using LED technology makes it less suitable for gamers.

Best Phone for Gaming 2018: LG G7

The LG G7 comes with a Snapdragon 820 processor that is a big upgrade. Therefore, gamers can play demanding games without their fear of their phones lagging or worse; freezing. LG G5 also comes with a 4k 5.5 inches screen that is very favorable for gamers. The resolution would mean that the screen has a pixel density of 801 pixels per inch thus making it the sharpest display around. Good high definition display is a plus for gamers who will be able to play games with clarity. Moreover, the phone comes with a 3GB RAM, which is moderate but not as good as Samsung Galaxy S7. The RAM should, however, deliver slick performance.

In conclusion, comparing the three devices, Samsung Galaxy S9 wins it for the best phone for games. The AMOLED technology, 4GB RAM, and 3.5 GHz 64 BIT processor makes it a gamer’s favorite.