As 2016 edges ever so closer, device manufactures are finding the task of accessing the ultimate protection tools quite a bit of a chore. There are more threats to anticipate, and there are portability issues to keep in mind. Windows 7 and 8 have enjoyed some pretty solid defenses in the past, and windows 10 is set to ask for even more specify in terms of anti-virus options.

Below are some of the antivirus programs whose functionality and demand are expected to soar in 2016:

Eset Multi-Device Security 2016

This anti-virus has been around for a while now, and one of its most outstanding features is that it protects a series of devices across the board. Experts argue that it is one of just few setups capable of offering multiple layers of protection without impacting negatively on the performance of the device its working in. On the flip side, older versions of the anti-virus have raised eyebrows when it comes to pricing, and this is set to continue into the future. Consumers believe that at Eset’s price range, they deserve more features than the developer offers.

Kaspersky Internet Security 2016

The Russian-made solution to all malicious attacks has always made waves in recent years, and for a good reason. Kaspersky currently boasts one of the most efficient shields in the anti-virus market. The 2016 version offers very solid protection against all sorts of threats. It identifies unknown but harmful components in files and works to counteract any form of infiltration. The anti-virus now has improved functionalities, allowing it to track and eliminate phishing activity .The parental controls are also efficient but the program has taken some flak, with critics considering it ‘too local’ for PC. Users should also expect to perform a mountain of updates on a regular basis.

Norton Security 2016

Norton has courted plenty of controversy in the past, and it’s most important goal going in to the New Year will be to distance itself from said travails. The 2016 version is set to be pretty balanced, offering unparalleled efficiency as well as functionality across several operating systems. The anti-virus is also set to keep its controls as they are, a factor that will be of great help to users who want plenty of access with little tinkering. It is far more convenient as a stand-alone than it is when used alongside other programs performing the same task.

Bitdefender Internet Security 2016

Bitdefender has been earning plenty of rave reviews online for years now, and the 2016 edition is already being touted as the most complete set out there. It comes with a custom-designed control panel whose function is to manage the parental attributes of a system. The software executes flawlessly in windows 7, 8 and 10. It has also fitted in with the Android setup, in the process extending its protections to cover smart phones and tablets.

Internet and offline security is definitely going to permeate the agendas of individuals and companies across the world as we welcome 2016. There is no such thing as one master anti-virus that is impenetrable- but the ones above come as close to that as can get.