As a new month begins, Google has unveiled its monthly security update for Android. The August update is once again split in two (something that started happening with July’s patches). The first part will take your Android security patch level to August 1, and this includes major software fixes that can be applied to any phone, while the August 5 level has all of that as well as fixes for drivers, components, and kernel-related fixes mainly for Qualcomm hardware.

Nexus devices will all get the August 5 patch, of course. As for what you’ll see on other products, it’s all up to the manufacturer. The experience with the July updates was that even for the same handset in some regions you’d get the first part only, while in others you got the entire thing. Regardless, even if you only have the August 1 security level, your device is considered current, so there probably isn’t much to worry about.

What’s more, none of the vulnerabilities fixed this time around have been exploited in the wild yet. If you’re interested in details about each one, then Google’s security bulletin will happily oblige.

The search giant will begin rolling out the August security update over-the-air to Nexus devices within the next few days (and from that point on the rollout will take around 10-14 days). If you can’t wait, the company has already published the latest factory images here, and OTA zip files here, so you can manually install the update on your device.