Most portable VR headsets at the moment require a smartphone to provide the screen and processing power, but there are a few standalone units out there. Asus is reportedly working on one – the Asus AIO VR, to be launched in 2017.

AIO stands for All In One and usually refers to self-contained desktop computers, but in this case indicates that the headset has everything it needs all in a neat package. This makes it different from last year’s VR headset from Asus. From the image, it seems that the AIO VR will have a cloth exterior similar to Google’s Daydream.

That is not to say this device will be Daydream-compatible. In fact, the rumor is mum on details – there isn’t even a word on the chipset. Asus does have experience in the field, thanks to the Zenfone AR, which is powered by a Snapdragon 821 and does both VR and AR.

Multiple companies have (or had) standalone VR headsets in the works – from Google (canceled), through Oculus and Samsung to Alcatel. Is there room for such headsets on the market or will they go the way of the hand-held game console? It seems that price makes all the difference between success and failure.