Back in April last year, we learned that Apple has secured a three year contract with Samsung to supply as many as 100 million OLED display panels in total. Given that just the purported OLED iPhone 8 is now expected to generate sales as high as 70 million units overall, Apple has now reportedly added extra 60 million flexible OLED screens to the contract, at the whopping cost of $4.3 billion.

That’s $71 per panel, which is a huge jump from the $40 screens Apple currently uses in the iPhone 7, and will inevitably contribute to the rumored $1000+ price of the upcoming anniversary edition. This also jibes with today’s rumor that Samsung may be printing more OLED displays for the Galaxy S8 than the initial batch sales forecast, as it is trying to ensure adequate supply, provided that Apple’s supply contracts have to be enforced in full, and the OLED machines bogged down for that in the next quarter or two.