Three new iPhones are expected to be announced in the second half of the year and although Apple has yet to officially reveal any information about them, alleged release date has been revealed. The Cupertino company will unveil new iPhones on September 6, two and a half weeks after Samsung unveils Galaxy Note 8.

Out of three new iPhones, the iPhone 8 looks to be the most interesting model. Rumours claim it will have a larger OLED display with a new aspect ratio and slim bezels, meaning smaller body, paired with a metal frame and glass on the back and the front, and 3D face scanning technology.

Another report citing JPMorgan analysts claims that the anniversary iPhone 8 will arrive on time and will start selling by the end of September, but only in limited quantities. Also the expected price of $1,000 no longer stands, as the report says it will be even more expensive, with the base model priced at $1,100.